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The vehicle provides a high level of protection and comfort to its passengers in any climate condition from extremely low temperatures to tropical heat waves thanks to the extra layer of cabin insulation and smart ventilation system. The vehicle’s configurable seating arrangements allow its occupants to efficiently operate the vehicle while maintainingtheir positions. The Sentry APC is designed to be used by armed forces, SWAT, and other law enforcement agencies all over the world. Among other security features, this model can be equipped with an escape hatch, siren/PA system, emergency lights package, electronic system as well as external view cameras providing 360o F.O.V. The vehicle can be customized according to the client’s requirements and serve as a mobile command centre or a medical evacuation vehicle as well.


  •  360° gunport coverage
  •  Advanced door lock mechanism
  •  Electronic nightvision system
  •  Escape hatch
  •  Heavy-duty electronic winch
  •  Wide F.O.V from driver cabin


  • Engine bay armoring
  • Armoring of key mechanical components
  • Multi-layer Ballistic glass, no spall
  • Removable wire mesh glass protection
  • External View Cameras providing 360° F.O.V.
  • Siren/PA system
  • Emergency lights package