Offering the leading options and brands when it comes to tactical equipment, body armour and electronic components to enhance your security on all fronts.

AZCAN Defence solutions caters to an exclusive market of private individuals, top-tier corporations and government entities whom require the utmost in security and protection. Using solidified partnerships with global leaders in tactical equipment, AZCAN can successfully deploy various mission critical equipment packages on a global scale. Specifically in Azerbaijan, AZCAN has the necessary resources in order to rapidly allocate tactical equipment, be it body armour, electronic components, or other tactical accessories, all orders are fulfilled expediently with quick turn around and full after-sale support.

Here at AZCAN, we understand the importance of personal security and have allocated a great deal of resources in offering only the highest quality products from the best reputable makers in order to guarantee the long-term operation, easy service and overall safety of any product we deploy.


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Why choose AZCAN?

We offer a vast array of industry-leading civilian armored vehicles with models ranging in level of security, size and price point.

We custom build and deploy various armored vehicles with varying specifications, technical abilities and performance levels.

We have successfully delivered products to the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence, law enforcement and other top-tier institutions in Azerbaijan and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that cover a wide spectrum security and defence solutions across all operational levels.

Our competitive edge lies in our intellectual and human capital that is comprised of years of experience in the field as well as highly-trained and qualified security consultants.

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