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Whether you are a small firm or a large government institution, security is always a concern. Many firms opt to forego securing their place of work, while others seemingly over-secure ever small detail that they can. We at AZCAN have the necessary field experience as well as industry connections in order to offer you an optimized security solution as well as deploy it using our constantly expanding network of security practitioners in Azerbaijan and all over the world. We will help you implement historically proven security protocols as well as introduce pioneering security systems to help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure optimal protection across all channels.

With every successful customer, AZCAN continues to grow within its markets in Azerbaijan, Canada and globally to become a leading consultant when it comes to security for private individuals, commercial firms as well as government institutions and law enforcement agencies.


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Why choose AZCAN?

We offer a vast array of industry-leading civilian armored vehicles with models ranging in level of security, size and price point.

We custom build and deploy various armored vehicles with varying specifications, technical abilities and performance levels.

We have successfully delivered products to the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence, law enforcement and other top-tier institutions in Azerbaijan and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that cover a wide spectrum security and defence solutions across all operational levels.

Our competitive edge lies in our intellectual and human capital that is comprised of years of experience in the field as well as highly-trained and qualified security consultants.

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