Born out of necessity, our firms goal is to optimize security across many operational sectors using both field-proven as well as non-traditional methods for clients of all sizes. Whether you are operating one of our armored vehicles, utilizing our tactical equipment or consulting with our agents - rest assured in knowing that your security is of the utmost importance to us.

World-Class Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

Our ever-expanding lineup of special purpose vehicles, cash-in-transit vans and civilian sedans and SUVs ensure that any form of armored transport can be accommodated. Our vehicles are manufactured in Canada and are available for immediate deployment in Azerbaijan or its neighbouring territories.

In-the-field Experience Supplying Key Institutions

AZCAN Defence Solutions already has many successful deployments in place with the highest powers in Azerbaijan such as the ministry of defence, the police force and other government authorities in the region. We have the necessary skills, expertise and experience to fulfill orders in the highest levels of government.

Comprehensive Products & Services

We aim to offer a full suite of services that compliment our products, whether they are armored vehicles or tactical equipment. It is our aim to ensure that each customer is satisfied. We stand behind our products and offer complete after-sale service for any product purchase or service rendered.

Our unique abilities lie in the fact that we are a conglomerate born out of a global necessity to improve and increase security across all operational sectors using non-traditional methods. Our exclusive armored vehicle lineup coupled with our large line of personal security products are focused on preventing unnecessary risks to security of private individuals, corporations and government institutions alike. Harnessing our experience within both the Canadian and Azerbaijani marketplaces, we are able to offer well-formed solutions to satisfy a broad spectrum of needs and to do so with an unparalleled level of success.


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Why choose AZCAN?

We offer a vast array of industry-leading civilian armored vehicles with models ranging in level of security, size and price point.

We custom build and deploy various military-grade vehicles with varying specifications, technical abilities and performance levels.

We have successfully delivered products to the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence, law enforcement and other top-tier institutions in Azerbaijan and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that cover a wide spectrum security and defence solutions across all operational levels.

Our competitive edge lies in our intellectual and human capital that is comprised of years of experience in the field as well as highly-trained and qualified security consultants.

Supplying the key players

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