Our global clients are happy to say that our smart solutions, our proven track record and our commitment to security are what sets us apart from the rest from our competition.

AZCAN Defence solutions is a joint venture representing interests from both Canada and Azerbaijan. AZCAN delivers security solutions to its global clientele in the form of armored vehicle manufacturing and deployment, personal security products and services, and 1-to-1 security consultations for private, commercial and institutional clients alike.

With global security becoming an ever-important task set forth across various sectors, it’s paramount for every firm, every government and every person of interest to increase security throughout the chain. In essence, mitigating risk and preventing unnecessary security intrusions should now be a primary concern. Whether this involves the procurement of armored transport, or various personal security solutions – AZCAN Defence Solutions has the necessary skills, supply chains and products in stock and ready to serve even the most demanding needs.

Our product line is comprised of quality-engineered armored vehicles for both civilian transport as well as special purpose or law enforcement use. We also offer personal security solutions such as bulletproof vests, ballistic apparel, protective items and mobile electronic systems to better protect on-the-go.


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Why choose AZCAN?

We offer a vast array of industry-leading civilian armored vehicles with models ranging in level of security, size and price point.

We custom build and deploy various armored vehicles with varying specifications, technical abilities and performance levels.

We have successfully delivered products to the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence, law enforcement and other top-tier institutions in Azerbaijan and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that cover a wide spectrum security and defence solutions across all operational levels.

Our competitive edge lies in our intellectual and human capital that is comprised of years of experience in the field as well as highly-trained and qualified security consultants.

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