The AZCAN Sentry APC for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan received the AZCAN Sentry APC. The new APC is a unique vehicle in terms technical characteristics offering an unprecedented level of safety and comfort for its passengers. The new model was supplied as a part of the contact with the government agencies of Azerbaijan.

Currently, AZCAN is localizing its production, which would positively affect the country’s economy by creating new jobs and development of defense and engineering industries. The company has all necessary resources to service the new vehicles, including their warranty repair if required. 

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New AZCAN APCs Presented to the Head of the Diplomatic Mission of Azerbaijan in Canada

Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Azerbaijan, the head of the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan in Canada, Mr. Ramil Huseynli visited AZCAN’s manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Canada. The visit coincided with the procurement of new armored vehicles to Azerbaijan. During the visit, a new fleet of AZCAN armored personnel carriers (APCs) was demonstrated to the delegation. The guests also had a chance to witness the facility’s superior technical abilities and production capacity.

“Azerbaijan is a unique country due to its geographical position and enormous technological potential. In the coming years, we plan to build a local “platform” in Azerbaijan in order to start producing armored cars suited to the needs of the state as well as export-oriented vehicles. The support of the diplomatic mission representatives is extremely important to us, especially at the initial stages of the defence-related cooperation between Canada and Azerbaijan,” – said David Khazanski, CEO, AZCAN.

The vehicles presented to Mr. Huseynli were manufactured specifically for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan and other law enforcement agencies. They are engineered to provide the utmost level of protection to their operators and passengers as well as meet the highest international standards as a result of their first-class assembly, certified armor and modern electronic components.

In addition, AZCAN also presented vehicles that would be displayed at the 2nd annual Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition ADEX (September 27-30, Baku). Being the first Azerbaijani-Canadian manufacturer of armored vehicles, AZCAN will be one of the show’s key participants. At the event, the company will introduce a new lineup of multipurpose armored vehicles, including personnel carriers, command control units and special purpose vehicles.

Mr. Huseynli fully endorsed the initiative and expressed his appreciation for the quality of the cars that will shortly join Azerbaijani law enforcement agency fleets.

AZCAN actively expands in Azerbaijan and abroad

AZCAN is ramping up the deployment of armored vehicles in Azerbaijan and abroad, including armored transportation vehicles, vehicles for law enforcement units, as well as special purpose vehicles with increased armor protection. The company has already supplied vehicles to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. The first fleet of armored vehicles to be presented to the state officials and law enforcement agencies is currently in production.

A fleet of AZCAN special purpose vehicles is designed for certain conditions, in which typical vehicles do not serve the needs. They are used as riot control vehicles, ambulances and command centers, as well as for transporting prisoners and SWAT teams.

“We are making big moves to take the lead in the defence industry of Azerbaijan and we aim to become a regional leader. In the future, we plan to establish innovative production of ballistic armor in Azerbaijan using available expertise, as well as manpower and technological resources found locally and internationally,” says Vasif Bagirov, member of the Board of Directors, AZCAN.

Local production will create numerous employment opportunities in the region and will have an overall beneficial impact on the economy of Azerbaijan, accelerating the development of the defence and security industry. The combination of local and global material resources will enable the company to secure long-term growth and efficiently handle complex production tasks.

In addition to that, AZCAN continuously expands its international activities. The company manufactures and supplies vehicles to law enforcement units in Nigeria, Colombia and Venezuela. AZCAN is also working on bringing its products to other international markets, namely Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and the Middle East countries. The company is preparing for the International Exhibition of Defence KADEX-2016 that will be held in Astana in June 2016. In September, AZCAN will take part in the Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition ADEX-2016 where the company will also present some of its vehicles.

“Thanks to the investments made, AZCAN has an opportunity to attract leading local and international experts in the field. Further actions have already been planned including the involvement of new partners that will contribute to the growth and development of the industry,” says David Khazanski, CEO, AZCAN.

Apart from special purpose vehicles, AZCAN supplies bulletproof cars to leading commercial enterprises, financial institutions and high-end individuals. All vehicles are equipped with special Runflat tires that provide extended mobility in case of deflation, enabling the vehicle to continue to be driven. Depending on the type of tires, the speed may be kept up to 90 km/h allowing for escape. AZCAN also equips its vehicles with certified bullet-resistant glass leaving the windows either fully operable or inoperable according to the customer’s request. Most importantly, AZCAN armored sedans and SUVs have no discerning differences on the exterior and can easily blend in.

Cash-in-transit trucks are designed specifically for transporting valuables and are fully customizable to suit various uses and specifications whether it is a bank truck, bullion van, etc. AZCAN works closely with banks and other financial institutions identifying their needs to supply them with high-performance, easy-to-operate vehicles. Designed for densely populated urban zones, AZCAN cash-in-transit trucks offer excellent maneuverability to increase safety of the valuable items they transport.